Zoopta - Whats More Secure than a Cloud
About Us - We take Care of your Junk

Let us protect your important files and images and at the same time we will store your old junk files.

Zoopta’s goal is to provide a secure place to store all your important files and personal information Safe and secure and forever

We know the importance of your information and when you upload a file at Zoopta the following happens

1. File is encrypted with latest encryption techniques
2. You are the only person that receives this encryption key
3. Your file is then automatically transferred to a secure server , this file is then downloaded To a secure location.
4. At this point in time your file is deleted from the internet , it does not exist live any where , on any server or any cloud.
5. Through our proprietary systems it is then transferred to a standalone secure server that has no network or internet connection. It is totally independent of any connection.

We are an Australian Based company whose mission is to provide an area that can give our users peace of mind that any of their information that is uploaded is safe and secure. We believe that everyone , the world wide should be able to store their information without fear of it being lost or destroyed in the event of any unforeseen circumstances